#V3 Testnet Feedback# SUPERB

Four Main Points I Want to Share with my ZKSwap Testnet Experience :blush:
THE BEST SO FAR :heart_eyes:

  1. The platform is user-friendly. I can navigate the features easily without watching tutorials. The interface is superb! I love the graphic, contrasting color of the background and design. Purple is fancy color. The font text is good and it can be enhanced.

  2. In L2 Wallet, I love that the assets are placed at center. At first, I am confused where can I found the L2 address so I suggest that you will place it under the assets to find it easier. I love that the wallet have already the ERC-20 tokens as well as the NFTs, that is very organized!

  3. About the L2 Trade - the swap and the pool. I use it and it’s very fast the transaction hash has a great design. It’s mesmerizing with the spaceship rocket thing it’s cute hehe :blush: There are other assets that has no liquidity yet and I know you will provide it soon.

  4. Lastly, the NFT part. Superb! It’s very accessible and easy to understand, the NFTs are showing already without loading. NFT minting gives opportunity for the artists. Well, everyone can mint their own and that’s the awesome part! With less fee on minting and selling with 0 fee woah that’s crazyy :scream: The NFT Mall is great too but I think search tab for categories is a must so that it’s easy to search specific/interests on NFTs. I tried this on computer, and I think the NFTs are very large, I suggest it can be reduce in a smaller icon. On the profile area, I cannot upload profile picture and background, I think there must be changes on the jpeg format for us to upload our pics. It’s also nice if the NFTs in the profile will show its value price. The purchasing is hassle-free. As I’ve said earlier, the transaction is very fast.

Overall, I am amazed testing ZKSwap. It’s actually my first time to mint. Pardon me hehe. Kudos team :raised_hands: :clap: You really did a great job, small things are yet to polish but the interface itself is very authentic, beginner-friendly and fast. I cannot found a loading icon lmao. Good job :+1:

I hope my comment and suggestions is useful :blush:
My L2 address is : 0x8c9ad91c41d491a425db686e789a7ace005b7f33

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