#V3 Testnet #Feedback swap and NFT

As long as I use V3 the results are very satisfied, very easy to understand, the results are very good, if we swap from one coin to another it is very easy to satisfy and fast, Which connects all the coins on the eth network for example:

Shiba inu, uni, zks and many other coins therefore, crypto users can use V3 as a swap application which is better than other swap applications. This V3 application also provides NFT buying and selling, so we can easily sell or buy NFT very easily in V3, thank you for launching this V3, very helpful for all crypto users, even if it’s just a test. :+1::+1::+1: Hopefully it will continue to be developed to be better, we hope that later it will be the best :heart::heart: of all swap applications… V3 is the best :+1::+1::heart::heart: Congratulations to the zks team…all of your struggles have made it easier for us to swap and find nft…enthusiasm for the zkswap team…continue to make this V3 the best…the new testnet is already good…hopefully it fits the original is even better…0x3DDD0dc9f463817CDA354E5c3836a09780ad61bD