#V3 Testnet Feedback# test happy

One problem I had was connecting my hardware wallet (ledger) to the platform. I couldn’t perform any signatures and wasn’t sure if it was mine or Zkswap. In addition, the user interface looks very clean and easy to navigate. I might lower the refresh rate for the dollar wallet balance, which varies a lot and is a bit distracting. Another currency is good, renminbi or euro is good for people in different places
I am not satisfied with buying NFT, because I want to buy a cheap NFT, and there is no suitable option for me to make a decision, so I use the page-turning function, which is very troublesome, I hope to add a reasonable sorting function. NFT’s tagging capabilities allow users to discover their needs more quickly.
I think this is an error, please fix it. In addition, I wish there were more languages. In addition, his top-up process was slow and impossible to confirm. I hope under this optimization, I experienced this project today, which gave me a good feeling, so I hope the team can do better and better, come on.
Making NFT or trading NFT is easy. However, the filter option makes things easier
Single speed is very fast, casting NFT is quick and convenient.
New users won’t worry about the operation, but there should be an official tutorial for new users. **

And the next generation of scalable blockchain

The new wave of blockchain allows every node participating in the network to run all code, reducing waste and speeding up execution.

You can split up the network so that most of the computation runs in parallel. This allows network capacity to expand as the number of network nodes increases, freeing network capacity theory from constraints.

Five big problems in building infrastructure

  1. Environmental costs
    Blockchain relies on encryption technology to provide security and consensus on distributed networks. This essentially means that complex algorithms must be run in order to “prove” that a user has the right to compose content on the chain, which requires a lot of computing power and is costly. In the case of Bitcoin, the computing power needed to keep the network running consumes as much energy as 159 countries in the world. The environmental impact and energy costs cannot be ignored.
    The overall performance is good. Everything is correct except that the prices I quoted just now are not consistent with those elsewhere. All of a sudden, token exchange authorization is much better, much faster than level 1. I like the speed very much. The time spent on these exchanges must have been half an hour, and now I’m doing it in two minutes