#V3 Testnet Feedback# Test of ZKSwap v3. What are the cons of the new features?

Test of ZKSwap v3. What are the cons of the new features ?

Hi, i’m not a native English speaker so I apologize for some mistake i can make.

I’ve just tested the new version of Zkswap and I have a lot to say about that.

I’ll structurate my test in three parts according to the main features of the app being : Wallet, Swap, NFT.

Before all i have to admit that i’m not by any means an expert of the blockchain and defi ecosystem even though i’ve already used some dapp.

Starting with the Wallet :

  • The necessity to make a deposit in order to use the app is a bit disturbing for me. I don’t really understand what is the benefit of it. I think it’s more practical to just have one balance (the one in the wallet) like for some other dex.

  • The confirmation delay when we make a deposit is a bit long.

  • I have also to admit that for me (a novice) the ui is not easy to understand. Even at the time of writing this review I’m still a bit confused about how to find some informations.

Now about the Swap functionality :

Nothing so much to say about the swap fonctionnality everything is pretty simple and comprehensive. I have however encounter some “bug” that i didn’t understand. Like, when I wanted to make some swaps… and the application told me I didn’t have enough fees to make the transactions, whereas I obviously had enough.

NFT fonctionnalities :

One of the biggest news of the V3 and the part i’ve liked the most…

So before everything, transactions are super quick. And this is very good. Now about the cons.

  • It would be great to see the balance when we’re in the NFT tab. Because actually given that to know what our balance is we have to go to the Wallet section, we cannot even know if we have enough funds to buy an ntf. So i was obligated to go to my wallet, see what’s my balance and then go back to NFT and make the transaction.

  • It could be good to have a sort functionality for NFTs for example could be sorted by prices or seniority.

  • Categorizing NFTs could be also great. It could be about design type, univers (mangas, celebrities, books, univers, fantasy). I hope you get the idea. Overall the fact is just to simplify the research of an asset we would like without having a name or something.

  • Plus instead of only starring nft creations, i could also be the starring of profils. Like you can promote best creators, their most sold collection or nft, or show the most recent or expensive nft sold.

That’s it, pretty much all i had to say about my test of the ZKSwap V3 as i said, i’m not an experiment user so i may have said some dumb thing everyone knows it’s normal and for me it wasn’t a good thing. Plus as i said excuse my poor english, i’m not native.

I also have to say that even if i’m more focused on the negative aspects on this review, the overall experience was really great. I’m not really used to the ethereum network since i discovered blockchain with networks like BSC and Elrond, so fees over 1$ is just the end of the world for me. But initiatives like ZK on ethereum make all of that more digestible.

Thanks so much for taking time (if you did) to read my post.

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My wallet address : 0x5c6E65c9CAb153b886f85EFCa79A0c611d876538