#V3 Testnet Feedback# Test review

This is the first exciting experience. I was able to exchange assets super-quickly, almost as if the transaction had been completed at the press of a button.
I suggest zkswap Admin review so that my deal, we test all people on the net can successfully achieve a relatively small NFT price, not too high, because this is only a test net, not really, let everyone feel how I can successfully buy the NFT deal… That’s my appeal, maybe we all hope that if the price is higher in the future, it won’t be a problem for you, but this is just a test site, please buy and sell NFT price not too high when applying NFT price
NFT mall is simple and beautiful, I bought an NFT, the transaction is as amazing and fast as the exchange, and the cost is also high. The nice thing about NFT Mall is that you can make purchases using different cryptocurrencies depending on the seller. Finally, I tried to cast my own NFT, first I created a user and unlocked L2’s wallet. These are two simple steps to take before creating your own NFT.
I have faucetd tested the network token, I have seen the task completed and pending but I have not received the token on my wallet for more than 24 hours (future main network is very important)
Even for the test network, gas costs are quite high
NFT initialization is very simple and fast, order, transfer, order withdrawal tasks