#V3 Testnet Feedback# - Testing the main features of zkswap v3

Hi, first of all thank you very much for the opportunities to test this zkswap v3 features.

The first thing I experienced from this zkswap v3 are, easier to navigate users interface. Deposit from L1 to L2 is so simple and run fast but smoothly. Minting is also work nicely. Buying/selling nft is good enough.

The thing that upset me is due to the fact that there is no feature to select nft mall list based on price users offered. Eg, from small price to the highest one and vice versa. Changing user profile run nicely. Uploading image for minting is also run smoothly. I did not try withdrawal feature yet due to hard to find faucet for rinkeby testnet. I wish it will run nicely too since that is the very important thing for all users.

Overall, the whole stuffs run nicely. For sure, it still need some update but its just for the minor one such as allowing users to pick nft list from lower price to the higher ones and vice versa.

Thats what I can write now thanks once again!

my L2 address is : 0x2Adf6094C969095ea1720046Ff47C3b5f49FAB9f