#V3 Testnet Feedback# The test experience xx

After I tested ZKS, V3 features, I summarized the following points

  1. UI has been greatly improved compared to V2, making people more like to watch
  2. There are no other differences between TRANSFER and V2 between L1 and L2, and there are more charges for withdrawal on the test network. We hope that the official version can be improved
  3. Problems I met when I created and purchased NFT and supplementary content
    When I cast NFT, there was an error, which showed that the balance was insufficient. When I withdrew L2 assets to L1 layer, 0.6 ETH would be charged as gas fee

Additions to V3 NFT start add filtering capabilities, as well as listing the same series as a lookup display
I added and removed some liquidity from the pool, even without the farm yet. It works perfectly

The wallet address´╝Ü0x153488e967cf44ecbe983da7e1df6cfc6d7f9d6c