#V3 testnet #feedback transactions on NFT

After I did a test (testnet V3), I feel that V3 provides better convenience than V2, in terms of easy swap transactions, from swap pools to swap trades, all in my opinion are better, and close to perfect… In terms of payments and sales of NFT, both of which require a fairly long process. We have to make mint/NFT first,

after that the NFT upload process and the sales process until it is sold, this testnet is difficult for my NFT to be sold here, even though I have installed a low price on this V3 … 2. the purchase process, here I also experienced the problem is that many apply prices that are too high outside the balance of the testnet V3 faucet that I have,! even though it’s new to testnet, but many have installed expensive prices that I can’t afford to buy from faucet balance… even though it’s only a demo balance, so far I don’t feel like I can buy the NFT I want, this is NFT testnet V3… my hope is only the NFT price testnet is applied below the balance that I have, so that I can experience a cheap and easy NFT purchase… After a long wait, I finally feel a successful purchase because someone is selling NFT which I think is below the balance of the V3 faucet I have, and finally I can buy it, the transaction is very easy and fast on this V3 testnet. At the same time I also feel that my NFT is very easy to sell, because I applied a low price…very quick and easy… I hope that later in V3 for the actual launch, it will be better, and even better so that it becomes a special satisfaction for this V3 user…we always pray for the best so that later V3 will be more perfect. and we all wish :pray: good luck to ZKswap V3… 0xb3205B61c071027a8e5594844Ab34d430e293422


Thanks for sharing the information