#V3 Testnet Feedback# V3 Feedback_New Workflows

First of all. Great work Dev Team!!Nice UI and seamless user navigation experience. My favorite is the ease in which orders are placed and executed and the confirmation/loader rocket which shoots up!! Below are my summarized feedback on few workflows.

User Page

1.User Page dropdown needs to be more user friendly. Currently to make it collapse I have to click the dropdown again. Recommendation is when user clicks outside of the dropdown, the expanded dropdown of ‘User Page’ should collapse

2.Can we call it something fancy rather than User Page? May be ‘User Profile’ or ‘My Area’ instead of ‘User Page’?

NFT Mall

1.NFT Token 22 was seen as sold as per the transactions. But still it gives me the option to ‘Buy’. Not sure this is as designed or not!!
2. NFT Token 22 transaction shows there is a 11$ sale, but the graph doesn’t show the same

1.NFT Search: Instead of just NFT ID, can we also have search by ‘NFT Title’ which will be easier way of search parameter
2. NFT Filters are not present. Strongly recommend to have Filters in NFT Mall for various parameters like Price Range, Date minted, price in (ETH/USDT etc), Primary NFT (No owner yet) vs Secondary NFT (reselling)
3. Sort by capability is also recommended to have. User should be able to sort the NFTs based on parameters like Price High to Low, Price Low to High, Date of listing/minting
4. Buy now is a good option. In future, it is recommended to have Auctions enabled which will really make users involved in the platform
5. From UI standpoint, I would recommend to use 3 NFTs lined in a row instead of 2. At 100% zoom I think screen has space for 3 NFTs.
6. Recommend to have hover/tool tip capability to show user name at least on tool tip of user profile.
7. Once user clicks the NFT, the NFT landing page displays the title and User name. Currently there is no clear differentiation for both. As shown below both ‘test’ and ‘inherited’ looks almost same. We can use different fonts etc. Ideally User name can be small and doesn’t really need bold texture. The NFT title and description are the key attractions along with NFT and hence should get max attention.
8. Minor issue. But can we have the values aligned? Currently the values lack proper alignment. Also spacing used after Header and value are different. For example see the space after ‘Creator’ field and ‘address’ and see the space between ‘NFT Contract’ field and contract value. These spaces are not same.
9. In NFT Mall, once user lands on the NFT page, the borders are cutting off at 100% zoom or even below. If you look at sections like ‘Transactions’, ‘More Recommendations’, the right and left UI borders are cutting off with no space left between screen edge and page contents.
10.Graph can be made more user friendly and aesthetic. The legends need titles. If you see the left side axis, it doesn’t tell that left hand axis represent pricing trend/history of the NFT.
11. Transactions has ‘Time’ column, but it shows Date. Can we have both Time and Date as both are important when we consider transactions of NFTs. Also let us make sure we use Dates across platforms in one format. If YYYY/MM/DD is what we want to follow, then let us stick with the same
12. It should be ‘More Recommendations’ and not recommendation (Minor!!!)
13. Can we have a way by which user can go back to the section he/she was prior to clicking the NFT from NFT mall? Current issue is that when user clicks on a NFT and then click back, user is taken back to page 1 and 1st NFT always. So user need to scroll down or find or remember the page from where he/she has clicked the NFT.
14. In many NFTs, I am seeing the pattern that the same NFT is also shown in the 3 recommendation list below. Perhaps it is a better idea to exclude the NFT which I am currently viewing from its recommendation list and probably use that slot to show another NFT
15. Can we make the search box in NFT mall have slight visible border? Currently the input field lack borders.
16. Can we have a ‘Go’ button next to Go to in pagination section. Current limitation is that user have to use the enter key to execute Go. Having a Go button will let this be controlled by Mouse
17. I don’t see the price of NFT when I access it through transaction page, where as for the same NFT I do see a price in NFT mall page. Cant we show price in all the places no matter it is accessed via NFT Mall page or transactions? (better than showing price as N/A?)
18. When I am in NFT page (https://v3.zks.app/en/nft), I cant click the two dropdowns values from User Page- My Profile, Transactions. I think it is conflicting with the UI components of card below

NFT Mint

1.Generic comment on increasing visibility of all fields. Since zero borders are used, fields are not clearly distinguishable in the UI. Recommendation is to use light borders.
2. My profile and incomplete and I was unable to mint and NFT which I think is working as designed. The confusion was when I was trying to mint, it constantly displayed ‘Unlock your Wallet’ and Complete your Profile. But my wallet was already connected and I got mislead and tried to connect it again multiple times without realizing I am not able to mint as my profile is incomplete. Recommendation is to be bit more specific like- If user is already connected to wallet, but Profile is incomplete then only show ‘Complete your Profile’ or alternatively disable ‘Connect your Wallet’ hyperlink of the user alert section so user knows that what is missing is profile issues.
3. While minting NFT, there is a limitation of 200 chars maximum in description. I would recommend to mark it as a label under Description section so that user knows about it prior.
4. My own NFT which I have minted and listed is appearing under both ‘’Created’ and ‘Collected’. Is it as designed? I guess it should appear not in ‘Collected’ (NFTID 177)

Sell NFT

1.I have listed NFT and cancelled sale few times and in Transaction, the ‘Type’ is displaying as NFT Approve. Can we have specific status types like – NFT Sale, NFT Sale cancel etc so that it is more clear to the user.

2.Purchased NFT at .2 ETH and listed it for .5 ETH, in price graph it is shown as if the price has dropped. Recommendation is to keep it either at .2 in the graph till someone purchases it or to keep it at the new price quoted by collector.

Transaction page

1.In transaction page search box is getting messed up in UI. You can see the search box with some overlaps.

Thanks for this opportunity!!

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