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congrats to the zkswap V3 team, thank you zks for bringing us a very good and perfect v3, here I want to start my experience with my testnet v3. that I am in zkswap v3 app is so amazing it gets better and better with every update, even better, the required functionality that I and maybe all of us have been waiting for this zkswap v3. very good too I think it comes with this nft market addition and everyone shows up to try it, in face to face transactions. from the design it’s quite interesting here. It’s clear the team is taking the project seriously to bring out the best for all of us. I am very happy to try v3 and explore the nft market where in v3 is very complete to look for all types of nft and my input will be good if the price of nft is the same as all in zks coins and for sure this will be very positive for the price of zks itself because in v3 this will be a lot of people those who want to try the nft feature, I also tried to do swap transactions and also the deposit and withdrawal system, it was extraordinary in my opinion, deposits and withdrawals were very efficient and easy with transactions that were fast enough for me, and also swap transactions which were very easy for me to do , with the existing testnet balance, it’s really amazing for this zkswap V3, everything is good if I think there are no flaws in V3, in the testnet that I did this time. ok all zkswap V3 team, maybe that’s all I can say after trying V3, there is a little input from me, hopefully later zkswap V3 will be even better, and be the best, and hopefully zks can be better known in the world with its presence from this v3 which in my opinion is close to perfect. I always pray for success for zkswap v3, good luck always. my wallet; 0x6dF6e6057C61b13294C90cB73C08876F7954Fa2e


Обмен токенов и чеканка NFT на ZKSwap V3 прошел гладко и быстро. Учебник был отличным, отлично подходит и для новичков. Это был довольно приятный сюрприз. Попробуйте, ребята
L2 address: 0x9b476dd00cee2f00cd57c7b7cf79dd7f27951d02