#V3 testnet #feedback Verry good V3

It is very interesting that the zkswap team held this forum to give zkswap users an opportunity…Give input and suggestions on what they feel using the testnet V3 feature… I think it’s very very good that the zkswap team made this V3…why do I say that, because many zkswap users want something easy in every way… 1.swap: in swap V3 this is pretty good and very easy, can exchange our coin type into what we want on all networks et 2.NFT; now this is what distinguishes it from all of them, there are rarely applications that use more than swap except zkswap V3, which adds buying, and selling NFT, making it easier for us users to sell, or buy the NFT that we ordered here…very extraordinary… as drawn…very easy isn’t it✓

Not an easy job for the zkswap team, I appreciate all of your hard work…very good :+1::heart: 3. my hope and maybe all of us hope, later zkswap V3 after this test will be better, as we all want… Good luck, we all pray for the best zkswap V3 :pray: