#v3 testnet #feedback very easy

The V3 testnet test that I did, in my opinion, has many advantages, besides being easy and easy, it is also faster in swap transactions, starting from swap pool transactions and swap trades… Meanwhile, my NFT sales are also quite fast, is it because I use tariffs? a very cheap price, far from the balance of the faucet claim V3 users get on testnet, my difficulty is in buying it, because they all apply a fairly high price, exceeding my faucet claim balance in V3 testnet, do I have to deposit to buy it or should I waiting for an NFT that I can buy through the faucet balance that I have, but after waiting for so long for up to 4 days, ===>>

So expensive…
someone just sold at a price that was enough for me to buy from my faucet balance, thank you… the transaction was very fast payment too… My advice; this is just a testnet, please don’t try the trial price too high on NFT, so that we can all feel the purchase of NFT, and feel the smoothness of NFT payments that we want to have… Hopefully my suggestion can be responded to so that testnet V3 users can make transactions easily on NFT…thank you… Congratulations for the launch of this V3, hopefully it will be more perfect as I expected…good luck for all the V3 teams… wallet;0x8df0eAac53F94a424c60706073c31d8358385AEc