#V3 Testnet #Feedback Very good project

I participated in this ZKSwap V3 test and felt that the content of this update was very friendly. I felt weak when using the old version, so I will strongly support its on-chain work for the upgraded v3.
When I was withdrawing, I think 40USDT is a bit high, the fee is very expensive, and it is very unfriendly to new users.
I found that I did not test the coin this time. I went to the faucet to get it, but I couldn’t get the account all the time. I was distressed.
NFT cannot be searched by the nickname that made the review, but I published it very smoothly. I successfully published my NFT very quickly, :+1:
Through constant test transfers, sometimes the transfer will fail. I don’t know the specific reason.
My liquidity mining is not working, it can’t be used, my browser, the reason may be
I closed the testnet when I was using it, and when I switched to the mainnet to transfer money, I got stuck there. Later, when I went in, I couldn’t use liquidity to mine.

The creation of NFT still has unknown errors. How I created it on the first day was an unknown error. The next day I went to create it and said that the gas was not enough. After I added enough gas, it was created successfully. I think this is a little bit small. It’s funny, why can’t you tell me the reason directly when the creation fails on the first day, and the reason does not appear until the next day. I suggest that the reason for the failure of creating the NFT is directly marked.
The tokens that can be replaced by L2 are a bit small, and I hope that some can be added to make it more convenient for users.
We are on the exchange page, when you click “Max”, the amount is different from the amount available in the l2 wallet. When you click the maximum again, you can trade again, I don’t know what this is for.
I hope this test collection has made ZKSwap even better:slightly_smiling_face:

My purse:0x83397891249D56e6f15DA60264b0C3DAE6623c81