#v3 testnet #feedback very nice and interesting

thank you for this testnet V3, my experience while testing my ZKSwap v3 to provide feedback and problems. First, my token was successfully registered with the usdt pair, but it took me about 15 minutes to confirm my registration, quite a long time, but quite good even though it took a long time. Second, when I try to open the token list page in the metask app on my android phone, it just refuses and redirects me to my ZKSwap L1 wallet, this is a bug or error that only occurs on mobile and not on desktop. This is a major bug and should be fixed, thanks. Lastly, if all these things were fixed, it would be a very good DApp for exchanging different tokens at no cost in L1.

Interference is good but during transaction I feel stuck and error many times and transaction status shows confirmation when my swap is done, swap is very good from this testnet. after that I tried to make a deposit, it turned out that the deposit was also smooth even though it could take up to 20 minutes, even so I tried to withdraw my deposit the same as the deposit it also took quite a long time, was it because of the application, was it because the signal was bad … but all I think it’s good, because I know it’s just a testnet, I hope it will be fixed later to be even better. But I know you will fix it before Mainnet. Overall very well designed webpage, perfect fan, Hope it will be successful in future and hopefully ZKSwap will be the best swap, in crypto world, Animation is good and I like your app features, I use all features like deposit, swap everything is fine, it’s just a matter of waiting for the deposit to come in and the withdrawal itself, from the NFT transaction, whether it’s a sale or purchase, everything I’ve done has been very smooth, always success for ZKswap, good luck always in my heart, zks is always the best in my opinion…thank you, this is a great experience i did testnet V3 that i got…very good and interesting…!!!

My wallet: 0xF734117D14664D839Faf0C85850481eF63e4e15A