#v3 testnet #feedback website speed increase

First of all, I want to talk about how I feel as a user of my zkswap v3. let want to talk about some good aspects first. This website has a great UI/UX design. It is very convenient for users to use it, which can be accessed through any web browser including android. Second, the interaction efficiency is very fast, and efficient, and the transmission speed is very fast, easy and smooth, whether it’s a swap process or mint nft.

This is very advantageous compared to doing other websites of the same type, which I have. However, there are still many problems I encountered here => First, network delay which is not good, be it user reason or website connection problem. This required the team to do some tesnet in this V3. I shouldn’t be experiencing this kind of network lag here. It also causes me to load slowly when using the website. I tried to open the website and load it every three times, to get.=>Secondly, about the navigation bar There is too much content in the navigation bar ", which I find hard to read in the testnet V3 application. I think it can be further divided into channels, for example ,all social channels can be viewed one by one into the bar.Finally, when I want to try to sell my nft, I don’t find the “sell” button. I think the “sell nft navigation” button can be added next to the “mint nft” interface. facilitate user sales. Besides, when I enter nft market, I don’t have a strong search function. I can only find related nft via nft id . I think you can add tags for example nft associated, nft associated character. Above are some of my views, hopefully they can help to improve the website even better, because many maybe it’s not just me who’s complaining because the web is not as stable as it seems hope it stabilizes fast on testne t this time and i hope it will improve quickly and become the best swap app among cryptocurrencies. wallets; 0xcC369fF1E154C54D0fE9Ea43e5BFd1361510Af06