#V3 testnet #feedback welcome v3

Congratulations to zks v3 for presenting the nft market, here i have tried to make/buy nft and it is very easy and very comfortable. the website appearance is very simple and good but here i feel a bit difficult when i want to search for the latest sales options and the highest price list options and at the very least I hope the team can provide these options so that the nft feature in v3 becomes more perfect and hopefully the fee can also be lowered so that more people want to try to access this nft feature, in this context a good governance system is really needed but now v3 has developed rapidly, the main focus is on the nft market which looks like a lot of funny nft characters and hopefully zks in this nft can work together with several competitors others so that they can also install their nft in v3 zks to enliven it in v3… after I tried to make nft in the form of a video, the transaction system was quite long and the delay here also needs to pay attention to these points and the team can also fix it immediately and make it easier for them who wants to make nft…but overall I’m quite happy in this v3 I can surf at will to choose the nft that I want to collect…good job zks v3