#V3 Testnet Feedback# What an adventure

I quite enjoyed the experience of trying out ZKSwap’s functions although I have to say this started off rather challenging – it was difficult to obtain testnet tokens!

Perseverance prevails when all else fails, right? I finally managed to find a test faucet that works. Even though I was able to get my ZKS and USDT test-tokens, I was unable to move ETH from my L1 to L2 wallet. Would this be an issue on the mainnet or is it something I am not doing right?

This gave me an opportunity to try the swap function (swapped ZKS for some ETH). The process was straightforward. Fees were clearly laid out – I like that we had the option to choose which token we would use to pay fees with.

I tried adding to the liquidity pool and managed to execute the transaction on my 2nd try. However, even though it was successful, it does not show in my “L2 Pool Details”.

The NFT page had a few bugs.

When I clicked on “User page”, I was unable to edit or do anything with my profile. I had to click on “Mint NFT” before I was able to create my user profile.

Once my NFT has been minted, the “add properties” was awkward. Maybe “key words” would be more fitting?

It was an awkward process trying to set the NFT for sale. It will be nice to have an option for creators to continue to collect royalties as the NFT gets sold-on.

I do find that it was all rather clumsily set up and if I had the chance, I would reset how I put up my NFT collection. I also deliberately set my collection at a low fee so that I could see how the transaction works – given it is a testnet, most of us have limited test-tokens.

I was a little surprised when I saw my NFT had switched to someone else’s profile! I hadn’t realise it was sold… Perhaps another confirmation or alert would be helpful.

Overall, all transactions were executed rather quickly (except moving ETH to my L1 wallet – 40 minutes and counting).

Also, perhaps the experience might be enhanced and less daunting if there was a platform tour!