#V3 Testnet Feedback# ZK Sync V3 Review

After using earlier version, I anticipated an improvement in usability and functionality. In the main, the UI is responsive and easy to use. When I first used it there were a few bugs which manifested whilst performing swaps. A week or so after first testing I didn’t run into anything like that.

Things I like:

  1. The general UI is fast and responsive

  2. Having things in one place (Swaps, Wallet, NFT minting and Mall etc)

  3. Minting an NFT was easy (I still don’t really understand the point of these!)

  4. Swaps are fast and easy (and cheap - appreciate that they will get cheaper with more use, unlike L1 which is the opposite)

  5. The colour pallet is good (some are pretty offensive in this space)

  6. The UI is generally self-explanatory which helps new people to the site. There is no ‘what the heck is this?’ experience - which is a bonus.

Things that could be developed:

  1. The regular unlocking of the wallet. It would be good to keep open for a period of time, if possible, when hopping around.

  2. When performing L2 swaps it would be handy to have some other buttons opposed to ‘Max’ e.g. 25%, 50% 75% and MAX (-estimated fee). If that is possible without making the UI too busy that would be great.

  3. NFT Mall would benefit from some categories to search through and some filters to sort by. When Creating the NFT having a few tags to use for filters would be good e.g. Music/sports/nature/gaming and maybe some sub categories below.

  4. I guess more pairs will appear in time. It would be good to be able to sort ‘official’ to ‘user created’ to try and prevent accidental purchase of something with a very similar name. Some indication as to the volume of trades would help there too. Maybe the pairs can be linked to community chat, discussing new information on assets and price discussion etc.

  5. It would be good to know what the pool rewards are ahead of withdrawing (maybe I missed this somewhere). I can see the % but not what has accrued (has been less than a day though)

On the whole, I love the direction that this is going and good iteration from V2. I would class myself as somewhat of a novice in this space so the fact that it is easy to use and comprehend should give a strong foothold in the future. Keep up the great work.

For information I ran through the test scenarios on a Macbook.

L2 Wallet: 0xa342854F934907b47f0b1a083bF6B25dFfd55844

Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/bendychap/status/1469964420025626627?s=20