#V3 Testnet Feedback# ZKSwap Experience

ZKSwap, which I have been following since the testnet process, has made very good improvements. Now I also want to write down my thoughts on V3.

-Dark Mode should definitely come as a start.
-I think that a little more editing should be done in terms of visuals on the pages where the nfts appear. it can be made in 3D or visually more saturated and colorful.
-The size of the preview images of nfts can be slightly reduced.
-There should be a like button on the nft page, but I don’t think it should be like. Because saying that it was bad for an Nft is not a very good way back. It will already be clear from the like numbers.
-Swaps, etc. I have not had any problems performing such operations, but it takes a little long for Metamask a transaction approval to arrive.


My NFT: https://v3.zks.app/en/nft/13095
My L2 Wallet Address: 0xfBb3Bd744793dC946e7B553530dCD0c07DC548B4

I find the ZKSwap V3 testnet platform user-friendly. You don’t have to be a tech savvy to explore it. Swapping is easy and the interface was fast and smooth. NFT minting was a great experience…never thought it would be that easy. I would really want to explore more with regards to minting NFT projects.
The explorer feature is top notch while there are other useful features in the More Tab. The tutorial in there came in handy.
I am pretty sure that there is still more than meets the eye here and I would continue exploring this exchanger. Looking forward to its main net launch.

Address: 0x4e4ddeE4000214B4666a865fc2a6E8c78c73D67F