#V3 Testnet Feedback# ZKSwap to the moon

Wasn’t sure how much I’d like this test net at first, but after getting on and being able to play around with test tokens I have to say it was very enjoyable. I legit was having fun while on the site. Buying NFTs and selling them. Although one thing I would say that needed improvement was the fact that when I went to mint my own NFT it did not work. I just received a message that said error occurred. It was really the only disappointing part of the entire time on this test net. The time it took to swap was very fast and surprisingly quick. I’d love to use this in the future when it becomes live. I think you guys are really on to something. It was very easy to connect the wallet. The accessibly of getting faucet tokens was very easy as well. Very quick and easy to deposit the tokens. Was weird that it showed 1 ETH as 350 dollar value but I digress. Was easy and quick to swap into tether. Tether was easy to use to buy NFTs as wel as selling NFTs. Like I said before maybe have a tech figure out the minting NFT issue. It could have just been me though. Overall the whole test net was laid out well. Very easy to navigate and find what I was looking for. Really looking forward to seeing the future of this network. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to play around on this and experience it.

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