#V3 Testnet Feedback# ZKSWAP V3 Testnet ZKSWAP

#V3 Testnet Feedback#

I have had an experience of using the Zkswap V3 testnet.

First of all, I saw the article on the website zks.org about Testnet V3 accidentaly. Started to knowing and then learning it. The guide was written really good. I did not get any questions performing the testnet. Only one thing was inconvinient in guide- there are the spaces between strings. There are DIFFERENT everywhere. This thing a little bit disturbes. I got the impression that there are not any document standarts.

Okay, Lets talk about testnet.
Firstly, i have been using the nft creating and then minting. There have not appeared any questions. The website works well, quickly. Design of nft marketplace is really good looking. Only thing i noticed: there was some nft with none suitable content(18+). However, I dont know exactly does someone control/regulate it.
Secondly, i started using the swap and pool of liquidity and there i have some disadvantages. Depositing funds takes time for a while, about 5 min. After depositing went to swap and there 1 Eth i could change for 20 dai/50usdt/5link. So, i had to get from faucet several times, because they do not give a lot of eth. Ofcource, i had to deposite funds again and it took time. Finally, i swapped for zks and hit the road of pools. Yes, there was a little surprise that THE FEE IS 50 USDT/0.6 ETH so i had to address to faucet and do all funds moving cirkle again. In the end i got what i wanted to do.

To conclude, it has advantages such as webdesing and user interface, nft marketplace, everything is understanding and does not seem very hard. Also have disadvantages like swap/pools fees and rates. Although i presented minuses, all in all there is really good project which has a success in future. I really liked and enjoyed it. Goodluck.