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I was surprised with the launching of ZKSwap Testnet V3 program, I heard this news from a friend and so I tried it too.

The NFT platform is very good. I appreciate the uniqueness of their UI design. Interface is running smoothly and I suggest dark mode would be enabled soon. ZK-Rollups is the future. It is easier to use because it is user-friendly. ZKS platform is such a brilliant idea. In metamask, I tried Rinkeby test network . No errors and bugs encountered so far but there are delays which is normal in every blockchain. The most interesting thing that caught my attention is that there was the pool and liquidity thing because I have never seen a DeFi that is included in any other NFT platforms yet. Sort function in the NFT mall makes it easy for users to find NFT .I added and removed some liquidity in the pool even if there are no farms yet. It is totally working fine, with no lag and very smooth transactions. I tried buying and selling NFTs multiple times and my experience was pretty good, there are no errors and bugs encountered so far but only delay but that is normal in every blockchain I think.
There is also a mining feature which is unavailable yet so I think there are more features coming.Thus I can see a huge potential coming from this platform . This would really be a game changer.

In the contrary, the liquidity pool transaction fee is expensive. Listed above are all my opinions and feedback and I hope this can help this project to become successful . I also want to congratulate the developers and everyone who poured their efforts day in and out to build ZKSwap. I wish the best for the team . Good luck and God bless!!!

Twitter: @KateDesphy
telegram: @Defianxz09

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