#V3 Testnet #Feedback #ZkSwap

ZKSwap app has a very stylish, elegant and attractive design

  • The user interface is not too minimalistic.
  • Fast transaction speed, save gas fees.
  • There is a limitation that is quite a few trading pairs, hopefully when the mainnet will integrate more trading pairs.
  • Need more dark/light theme to give user more experience.
  • For me personally, every time a transaction is completed, the transaction status bar should automatically turn off after 5s or turn it off, it will be more convenient than we turn it off ourselves.
  • As for the NFT part, being able to freely create is a great thing, but I think there should be a limit to avoid creating violent and depraved NFTs.

Thank you team for viewing my feedback, hope my feedback will be of some help to the team

Here is my wallet: 0xF0b9DC5C50f9138B899a33d0C6A3b8A9Df7F4Ad1

email: thanhlove113ttt@gmail.com
Twitter : @Hong82434517