#V3 Testnet Feedback# ZKSwap69

m tired of the current state of Ethereum. ZK seems to be the solution. Very fast TX, low/no fees and a great future ahead. I’m in crypto since 2016 and I have to say ZK is doing a pretty good job. keep up the work, it will be worth it. Nobody wants to pay 100 usd for one transaction, thats ridiculous. In addition to that,
ZK is awesome, I suggest everybody to use it. testnet was no problem at all.
Already excited for the future. one thing is sure: ZKS is gonna go to the moon! This is no shill since I don’t possess any coins but when I receive some I hodl them until I die. I personally think this is gonna be a 100x moonshot and I appreciate your hard work guys
so yeah, to summon up: perfect layer 2 solution.
I’m excited which plattforms you will present, I bet they gonna be huge. Since I tested ZK, I could not wait for the mainnet. take your time guys, I’ll be holding this going for many years👀 I usually never do feedbacks but I think this token is worth it. I wish you best of success and luck, I know you gonna make it. thank you for giving us people the opportunity to win something, I could need it right now. lost 1 million in a online casino called roobet and now I feel sick. I need a reset. real-time swap with zero gas fees, unlimited scalability will make it, I’m pretty sure. So lets go for it together and achieve great goals. I believe in this team and you have my support. I know what people want, marketing is kinda my profession.
Thank you for paying attention to this message, I highly appreciate it.
in case I win anything, here is my adress: