#V3 Testnet Feedback

#V3 Testnet Feedback #ZKSwap #Testnet

My Address: 0x61E0d873c91Fd9094dcACA4910cB638fFE5252EB
Hey it’s me doomer and I used zkswap testnet and I am sharing my overall experience here.
First of all I didnot face any issues while claiming faucet tokens of zkswap which is the most important part for every tesnet because many times I have faced issue while getting test tokens but zkswap surprise me with its blazing fast faucet. After that I went to the zkswap testnet website and by looking at first sight I didnot like the look or body but it’s just every people have different opinion not meant to be rude here and besides I did like the userfriendly interface because everything was understandable in proper way like new user could also use the zkswap. Secondly, I deposited ETH in my layer 2 account which also worked pretty well for me , literally I didn’t face any issues while doing transactions on depositing. Besides that I also tried the layer 2 swap and layer 2 liquidity and guess what I did have an amazing experience like I have never imagined before. Finally, I minted NFT in zkswap and minting an nft in 5 seconds what’s better than this? I was amazed by this NFT minting feature. I did and I explored a lot things and tried out but I havenot literally faced any issue till the date and If I find any issue later I am posting it for sure. For now my Feedback is this much . If I get more update or info regarding the testnet issues or anything then I would love to update here and I am very glad that we have ZKswap in the crypto world. Finally A huge thank you to ZKswap founder and teams for building this awesome project and community. LFG.

Oh and at last this is my testnet address which I used to try out ZKswap testnet
Thank you!
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