V3 Testnet #Feedback

Hi ! After I experience https://v3.zks.app/en/wallet testnet version on android phone version. I don’t see too many serious issues, but there are basic issues such as page load speed, image quality structure, and 3rd party cookies.

1: Page Speed ​​(Mobile)

  • To be able to load the complete page and full text I have to wait almost 15s
  • Migration from L2 pool and L2 swap takes the same time

● Ps: Update more on the error when selling NFTs on metamask mobile version, this process often hangs the screen from 30 seconds to 1 minute before it returns to normal. Frequently losing connection to the wallet when performing actions outside of the wallet.

2: About graphic quality images

  • The interface for NFT wallet is too simple and not attractive
  • Sometimes there is still an error that the image is not displayed, or the image data is not found

3: Cookies a lot

PS: It is recommended that you delete unnecessary files or merge files, and hence the page loading speed will improve.

I hope you will fix the page loading speed, the liquidity pairs interface is displayed more, the NFT interface is diverse, fast and beautiful, attractive with many choices for the version phone

I hope I contribute a little to your improvement, I apologize for not being an expert in this field. User opinions

Address L2: 0x6c588534B6da5229b31628D980c9fF6fB9909632