#V3 Testnet Feedback#//

Congrats on the testnet. This was my first experience with zkswap. I was referred by vosk on youtube.
The whole idea of a gas free eth chain, would be a game changer in my opinion provided there is enough adoption. I found using the Nft mall and minting features very easy. That was my first nft I have minted, and it was quick and easy thats for sure. Swapping, depositing, withdrawing and adding liquidity were all straightforward and easy. The only issue I came across was when I clicked on the mining tab the screen would shake. Same thing when i clicked on the forum tab or tried to switch to V2 or the drop down on ribenky. Overall easy to use and visually appealing interface. I ran away from eth because off the fees now maybe I will return. Well have to see the ERC 20 converter is looking pretty good lol. Transaction turn around time was pretty much instant. How will Eth 2.0 affect ZKswaps?
Some features were un accessible for the testnet: The mining tab would not lead anywhere when clicked. And the more tab seemed to have intermittent UI issues lagging pop ups or delayed minimizing of tabs with lots of lag. Thank you for your time I enjoyed participating in your testnet.