#V3 Testnet #Feedback111

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#V3 Testnet #Feedback

  1. Divide products according to NFT categories to facilitate customers selection when looking through products
  2. When choosing a sell order, you can quickly find the NFT you want to sell through keywords

When I first started using it, I found that the cleansing product was messy and messy. If, as a customer who usually walks around casually, and does not know what he wants to buy, it will be efficient to provide NFT according to the category of the product. Some people prefer more animation and gamification products, or high-tech products, or art products. It is possible to classify the entire product interface before the customer screens by classification.
On the one hand, it is convenient for customers to quickly purchase through categories as they want. On the other hand, the entire purchase process can be more efficient.
It is recommended to add several options to the initial interface, similar to: art NFT, animation NFT, celebrity NFT, etc. The classification criteria can be determined based on the products in the mall.
In general, this approach can help promote some products quickly, even for people who walk around the mall at will.
The current interface is just a simple accumulation of some products, which is not orderly enough, so the efficiency is very low.

Going back to the interface for selling my own products, I bought an NFT during my own testing and then found that if there are a large number of NFTs in my store, and I want to sell it, it would take too much time to find them one by one.
If possible, you can add search keywords and other methods to quickly find the products you want to sell. The entire selling process will also be more efficient and faster, instead of simply looking for products page by page, it is inefficient and has a bad user experience.