#V3 Testnet #feedback3

The process of testing the ZK swap V3 went smoothly up until i proceeded to mint an NFT. The ZK swap page loads but the icons dont work and the NFT’s on display under “discover more” dont ever load. I was a not able to connect my wallet on this page as well. The only icon that works on the app page was the “explorer” icon all the other icons did not function for me. I am wondering whether this problem is related to my browser? This is the https ZKSwap - The ZK-Rollups based layer-2 DEX with the AMM model.. It looks as if the page is having problems loading the images for the NFT’s.
I am currently using microsoft edge as my browser and have not had any other issues with other pages or platforms. i wish i had some programming experience so that i could give a better deductive reason behind the absence of the page’s functionality. i have given the page over 15 minutes to load the page to no progress.