V3 Testnet feedbak # l2/NFT---Great product

I have just experienced V3 products and am very excited to blog;

Ask questions first:

  1. L2 deposit time is too long;

  2. The faucet is not working enough, so I choose swap.

The products of layer 2 protocol all appear in the market, but ZK is unique, with gradually rich ecology and complete functions. It captures users well and provides convenient services. My latest favorite section of “NFT” is that I can buy the NFT I like and try to cast NFT to sell, which is very smooth.

Zkswap leveraging Zk-rollup for payments +exchange +NFTs;

I experienced all the features and felt comfortable, great product, I am looking forward to mainnet launch, as a loyal supporter of the project, it is glorious!

My address: 0 x7de091550a671757a86284159a95b19b82a9084f;

Look forward to better products, more harmonious community