#V3 testnet #feefback

This is the first time I’ve tried to mint and sell NFT so far. It’s cool.
The web is beauty but Its quite lag when trying to show NFT market. I had to refresh several times.
I tried to buy a NFT from another but didnt know to see it in my account, which made me quite confused. After 5 minutes, I could see them in Sell NFT button. It’s convenient for user who want to see their NFT by clicking address wallet button on navigation bar, i think so.
I minted some NFT. It was very fast and cheap, very suitable for those who have a small amount of capital but want to experience the services of cryptocurrencies and defi. I hope that in future version, transaction will be more reduce and faster. It took me 5 minutes or so to finish.
Hope to see final version to experience. I will definitely leave this NFT to my grandkids though I am still single.
BTW I really love the UI but it maybe need to rearrange the information fields. I think the info fields should be dynamically opened horizontally to take advantage of the gaps.

Great job team. Good luck for project <3
P/S: why new member can only post one picture embedded

My wallet: 0x99337885B0539747Ea83d0234E0ba4C9aC92c6C5