#v3 testnet #My opinion and suggestion

I think the NFT function of zkswap is very promising. I also used the NFT creation function to create some of my usual photos into NFT. It’s very interesting. Moreover, some people bought my NFT. I wanted to buy it back, but others didn’t sell it.

How interesting it is to see such NFTs on the platform. Every day, many different people create different NFTs on the platform. I will also create some daily photos into NFTs. Thank zkswap for giving us such a low-cost and fast way to create NFTs so that everyone can be an artist.

However, I also have some suggestions in use. Here’s your feedback:

First of all, I think the function of the platform is too simple. When browsing NFT products, I need to have a collection function to collect the works I think are good first, otherwise I may never find the products I have seen before after looking at other works, which is very distressing. So the collection function is very important.

Secondly, different works in NFT mall have different pricing. Can we standardize the pricing? Some people’s pricing is so outrageous that they can’t buy at all, and they can’t screen different currencies. Once, I only had usdt in my wallet, but the works I want to buy don’t support payment with usdt, so I can’t buy them.

Finally, I think the works on the current platform are not good enough, and it is difficult for me to select some good works recommended by the platform. Maybe in the future, developers can cooperate with more artists to release some officially certified NFTs. Otherwise, there are pirated works on the platform, which is difficult for users to choose, and the whole grade is not high enough to be genuine.
NFT’s market is still very large in the future. I believe ZKSwap will be able to divide up a piece of cake. As the NFT platform of Layer2, the technology is very advanced, and the transaction speed is very fast. The fee is also low. I hope ZKS will get better and better in the future.
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