#v3testnet #feedback

Lets start with the UI, very simplified which i personally find attractive. In my personal opinion simplicity of UI is one of the most important features i look for when using new platforms and zkswap nailed it. Everything compacted into easy to access features even the newest user will be able to access but laid out in a way seasoned trader/investors will appreciate.

Loading funds was fast and simple, and the wallet layout was nice and kept simplified for ease of access and use at the same time added unlock feature even after wallet connect felt like a good added security feature. Once funds were loaded i went straight to swap and i was impressed, the traditional swap layout and easy to use features thats been adopted by the industry but function was flawless and efficient. The feature to be able to select from multiple tokens for gas fees is what is the game changer for me just making swaps incredibly simple and convenient when your in a hurry to buy or sell and you don’t have the eth to cover fees. Swaps are instant and the little rocket blasting off is aesthetically pleasing after execution.

After making some swaps i jumped straight over to L2 pool and added some liquidity to a few different paired pools and as i expected function and layout were just as simple and easy to use as swap. After choosing my pairs adding liquidity was simple as platform automatically calculates paired token when you choose the amount of liquidity you wish to add for base token. Once liquidity was added your pools are displayed with all information easily accessible.

Next i made my way over to setup my nft user page and to mint a nft and just as expected nice and simple, a few easy steps to setup a profile and i was ready to mint and loading my image and minting was a breeze, fast and instant just as swap feature with very few steps and easy instructions. After minting i was easily able to list my nft in nft mall and again i love the layout of the mall as well. The large image display of nft’s make it extremely nice when shopping the market place and purchasing was just as fast and simple as all other platform features.
All in all i was impressed and i have to give zkswap two thumbs up of approval and look forward to L2 v3 going live and utilizing this platform.

account: 0x6a88CabEdf3d0047Ca0a9678293C1cf3e4B6af70#v3testnet #feedback