ZKShip - #ZKSwap #Rebranding

Good afternoon, ZKSwap community. I am very pleased if you have opened and are reading this post, then I have not shared my thoughts in vain.

Everyone knows that a ship is a large water vehicle that travels around the world through oceans and other waterways, transports goods or passengers, or is used for such things as exploring new lands…

ZKSwap, like a ship, sails through the ocean of the cryptocurrency world to distant shores and unknown lands, encountering difficulties, pirates, residents of other lands on the way and takes on board new people, those who wish to directly participate in the work of the crew, as well as passengers who, one way or another, benefit the ship and take part in this fascinating journey. No one knows exactly where the ZKS ship will end up years later, but we all believe in its bright future and support it in even the most difficult moment.

Among all the names that came to my mind, this is what I like the most. Perhaps this is due to my very strong desire to visit distant countries and get acquainted with other cultures.

I believe ZKSwap will bypass Opensea and other similar projects, and this is only in the field of NFT! If you look more globally, thanks to the large number of functions and features, ZKSwap has a very good chance of becoming the largest and most frequently used multifunctional DEX.

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