ZKSpace User Tutorial: Explaining NFT Features and Latest Gas Fee System

After a massive product rebranding, we launched full-featured Layer-2 protocol ZKSpace, which includes all the functions of ZKSwap V2, and added ZKSea to support all the NFT functions of Layer-2.

Today, we are unveiling the latest tutorial and Gas fee system for users’ convenience and a better product experience. The updated tutorial will not cover the basic functions of ZKSwap V2, but mainly introduces the changes in the new version and the steps to use ZKSea. You can find the new tutorial and trading rules on Wiki or read the details as follows.

1. How to use NFT features on ZKSea

a. Preliminary Preparation
Log in to the homepage of the web APP: zks.app.

ZKSea is a Layer-2 NFT product based on ZKSpace. You can only use the funds in the Layer-2 wallet for NFT trading. Make sure you have a certain amount of funds in your Ethereum Layer-2 wallet.

Please refer to the “ZKSwap Tutorials” for the procedures of wallet connection and asset deposit/withdrawal.

b. NFT Wallet
You can enter the NFT mall through the NFT Market button on the navigation bar, which provides NFT purchase, minting, and other services. Details of your Layer-2 NFT record can be found in your NFT Wallet.

The above image shows what the NFT Wallet would be like. All NFTs owned by you will be displayed in your NFT Wallet. The deposit, transfer, and withdrawal of NFTs are the same as ERC-20 tokens.

c. NFT Market

In the NFT Market, parts of the ZKSpace functions on the navigation bar are hidden to fully display the NFT-centered options.

Discover your favorite NFTs in the NFT Market. Remember to check out the details of an NFT before making a payment.

4. User Page

Before minting an NFT, you need to enter the User Page in the upper right corner to complete the author information, including the avatar, nickname, personal introduction, etc.

d. Mint NFT

Click the Mint NFT button on the navigation bar, fill in the basic information of your NFT, upload your work, and pay the required gas fee to complete the NFT minting.

It is worth mentioning that ZKSea is a decentralized NFT platform, and anyone can create their favorite NFTs on the platform.

e. Sell NFT

Enter the User Page, select the NFT you want to sell, click the List button, and enter a price to sell it in the NFT Market.

Note: You can also find the List button by clicking on your NFT and entering the details page.

2. About ZKSpace Rate System

Based on the ZKSpace business development plan and the upcoming “ZKS Economic White Paper V2.0”, we will adopt a brand-new rate system.

a. Cancel App usage restrictions
The original restriction on the minimum deposit of 50 ZKS or 200 USDT for the APP usage has been canceled. You can now deposit any amount of assets to Layer-2.

b. Cancel free Layer-2 operations
As the PoG mining is about to cease, we will no longer provide full subsidies for Layer-2 operations, and Gas fees for on-chain operations will be paid by yourself.

c. Gas fees


  • Add liquidity: 1 USDT
  • Remove liquidity: 50 USDT
  • Swap: 1 USDT


  • Deposit: 0 USDT (Free)
  • Layer-2 transfers: 0.5 USDT
  • Withdrawals to Layer-1: 30 USDT


  • Mint an NFT: 5 USDT
  • List an NFT: 0 USDT (Free)
  • Unlist an NFT: 1 USDT
  • Buy an NFT: 10 USDT
  • Transfer an NFT: 1 USDT
  • Withdraw an NFT to Layer-1:
    30 USDT if the NFT has been deposited from Layer-1;
    120 USDT if the NFT has been minted on Layer-2.

Stay Tuned

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