ZKSupernova #ZKSwap #rebranding

It seems that I have already participated in almost every ZKSwap campaign, I don’t want to lose the opportunity to do it now too.

I’ll tell you a little about what a Supernova is. A star or supernova flare is a phenomenon during which a star dramatically increases its brightness by 4-8 orders of magnitude, followed by a relatively slow decay of the flare.

As a rule, Supernova are observed after the fact, that is, when the event has already occurred and its radiation has reached the Earth. Therefore, the nature of Supernova has been unclear for a long time. But now quite a lot of scenarios are being proposed that lead to such outbreaks, although the main provisions are already quite clear.

If the release of V3 coincides with the name change, then the "explosion” of the project’s popularity will be very successfully associated with the name {ZKSupernova}, moreover, not only at this moment, but also at every leap in the evolution of ZKS.

A Supernova explosion is accompanied by the ejection of a significant mass of matter from the outer shell of the star into interstellar space, and from the remaining part of the core of the exploded star, as a rule, a compact object is formed - a neutron star, if the mass of the star before the explosion was more than 8 solar masses, or a black hole with a star mass over. Together they form a supernova remnant.

Among other things, the substance ejected during the flare largely contains products of thermonuclear fusion that occurred throughout the life of the star. It is thanks to supernovae that the universe as a whole and each galaxy in particular are chemically evolving, just as the crypto universe is evolving thanks to ZKSwap.

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