ZKSwap Giving Away 50,000 ZKS to V3 Testnet Users

To celebrate the incoming ZKSwap v3.0 testnet upgrade with all new-look App interface, NFT support, optimized efficiency, and multi-chain support, the team will be giving away 50,000 ZKS tokens. Users who try out the new platform when it launches on the Ethereum testnet at 7 AM December 1st, 2021 (UTC) will be eligible to share the rewards.

Please note that the V3 Tutorial is now available.
V3 tutorial

Event Details:
Shill Your Suggestions After trying all the payment, DEX, and NFT features of the V3 testnet, don’t hesitate to write your feedback (no less than 300 words) on ZKSwap Forum (add link) and tweet about it. Remember to add #V3 Testnet Feedback# to the title of your post and your tweet. 60 participants will be selected for the Best Contribution Award and win 500 ZKS each; 200 will be selected for the Honorable Mention Award and win 100 ZKS each. Do leave your L2 address while shilling your suggestions on Forum.

Please note:

  1. The events will run for 2 weeks from 7 AM December 1st, 2021 to 7 AM December 14th, 2021 (UTC). Any activity that occurs outside of this two-week window will be deemed as test data and not applicable for rewards.
  2. Acts of plagiarism are violations of event’s original content policy and once detected, the platform will ban the according account permanently.

Bug reports will be assessed for validity by the ZKSwap development team, and rewards will be distributed to the users’ L2 wallets on ZKSwap V2 within 7 working days after the commencement of the events.

Each IP address may correspond to only one MetaMask account address. If multiple Ethereum addresses exist for a single IP address, only the account that has received the most rewards will be rewarded.

New to ZKSwap V3 Most importantly, this event will be an opportunity for users to experience the upgrades that have been made on the new ZKSwap V3. Starting with the interface, the all-new look is complete with a visually upgraded block explorer, which will include deposit, withdrawal, transaction, and transfer information for tokens and the newly-supported NFTs on ZKSwap V3.

One of the biggest changes, however, is the incoming NFT support. ZKSwap V3 will allow users to seamlessly transfer NFTs, whilst also supporting NFT transaction mining and liquidity mining in which users will share a percentage of the transaction fees from the whole network. Similar to how users can generate and list their own Layer 2 ERC20 compliant tokens using ZKSwap V2, ZKSwap V3 will support NFT issuance, minting, and airdrops.

Finally, upgrades to the AMM formula will change how users use and interact with the DEX. These changes will enable a new style of trading with stablecoin and non-stablecoin pairings. Ultimately, ZKSwap aims to be a comprehensive layer 2 protocol that caters to all individual and institution trading preferences.


Have good exp whit using this service, no trouble, and no-fees nft service.
Greate ZKSwap again Greate!!


I was so easy for me. Perfect! considering that I am new to creating the oil platform, it is surprisingly simple, understandable, adaptive, and I am glad that by pressing 3 buttons you will join the ecosystem. You don’t have to be a genius - take it and create!


Mint NFT was smooth, very pleasantly surprised by such a beautiful UI.

From the user side, here is the feedback that can be fixed:

  1. TOKENS:
    it was not obvious to me where the change of currency was
    Settings> Fee Token > Choose a token to pay fee

My suggestion to show up Fee Token selection it when user click Mint, because I have ETH and by default it was selected something else and and got stuck a bit with search

  1. SWAP:
    Some of the tokens shows as gray

    ps: Token swap doesn’t work by coin address (for example USDC)

  2. Commission:
    It would be nice to show ~ ETA commission in each ETH, USDT, ZKS

Probably will be better to show the commission prices immediately during the dropdown of the coin selection menu for the payment, the user will not need to check the price in each coin 3 times switching.


Great job. The interface is usefull. I think it would be better to add more languages and dark theme.


Hi, ZKSwappers!

I’ve just used the NFT service and have a good impressions how it works.
I’ve created 2 nfts and haven’t any issues with mint. After that I’ve succefully set my nfts on sale, and bought an one nft for 0.46 ETH. Great service, fast txs, user friendly interface and usability.

PS: The only issue I faced is slow faucet. It passed 6 hours, but I still didnt receive tokens.

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I was pleasantly surprised by this test. NFT is now able to trade, and the creation process is so silky. The UI design is beyond my expectations and looks very comfortable. The only shortcoming is that the ether is changed from L1. There are some lags when crossing to L2, it takes a few minutes to keep refreshing to show up



The experience with swapping tokens and minting NFT on ZKSwap V3 was smooth and fast. The tutorial was excellent, great for newbies as well. It was quite a pleasant surprise. Give it a try guys…
L2 address: 0x0D3f2D147153D9E4C6F5aA003c2CFA9015deA703



Great experience! I like the UI, it’s easy to mint and buy NFT and swap tokens.
I would also recommend newcomes in this area to try this out and get to know better NFT world, swapping tokens, L1, L2. It’s useful.


  • //v3.zks.app/en/nft - this link is not working. When I open this link directly in the browser, all the buttons are not clickable until I put into browser search another link like //v3.zks.app/en/wallet/erc20 and open it.
  • Sometimes I get redirected to //v3-rinkeby.zkswap.info (for example by clicking Explorer) and I can’t find how to go back to //v3.zks.app. It may confuse people.

It would be good if you have a chance to fix those. Thanks ZKSwap team for your effort!

L2 address: 0xe5dc3e724785a6665aa2e550d3f2ba5b80d6cb71


#V3 Testnet Feedback#

My thoughts on this experiment

Let’s start that I am a noobe in this world. So, this is a big challenge for me. However, the tutorial provided straightforward flow. Step by step I was able to reach the final stage. However, few things were not successful.
Using instructions, I was able to obtain 1 ETH from Paradigm. But the 100 ZKS and 100 USDT did not reach my wallet. Site said that assets were transferred into my wallet. But I did not see them. I tried to add the addressed provided from the site but then I saw a zero. I tried to repeat this on the second day (there is a 24h delay to obtain once again) but failed once again. Site provided message that assets were transferred but no ZKS and USDT were there. Hope this issue is out of scope of this experiment as we are trying NFT features on ZKS.
So, I decided to move on. ZKS site with NFTs worked correctly and ok. Interface look acceptable and transparent. Easily swapped ETH to level 2. Then tried to mint NFT and sell it. The one thing to notice that site did not provide me an option how can I pay for the minting (ETH, ZKS, USDT). It simply took my ETH. I believe it was so because there were no USDT or ZKS in my wallet. Not sure if this is an issue or expected behavior.

Logic in site works fine and site itself is easy to use.
The only thing to consider - I was little bit lost when open NFT mall. Believe some filters would be applicable there. Having the possibility to sort NFT and search required groups would be a great thing to have.

In general, all looks very good and mature.

As I said I am noobe so not sure when I can get L2 wallet address

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This is an unmatched project in L2. It has a better experience and richer features than arb. You can even create and buy and sell NFTs here. NFTs will definitely have a place in the future blockchain, which proves that the project side With unique vision, it is definitely a project worth investing in!

MY Address:0xe1C29724B7BE8ec00B6F05618d18A28a08759FC9

#V3 Testnet Feedback#
Hey all! Thanks for your hard work.
The friendly interface is helpful. All transactions passed quickly and the test itself without a single error. Please add more languages and dark theme. The only thing that I could not do was add liquidity, I did not have enough for Transaction Fee.


Everything is intuitive and easy enough to complete testing.
The only issue I found out that NFTs which I minted and put on sale disappeared from my account and from the NFT mall.

L2 Wallet

#V3 Testnet Feedback#

I found using ZKSwap V3 fairly straightforward, considering I’ve used similar DEX platforms before. I had a bit of an issue with claiming faucet funds (haven’t received ETH so my testing capacities were unfortunately somewhat limited). UI looks nice and clean, as it was mentioned before, dark mode would make it even slicker. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s a couple of things that I’d consider adding/changing/updating to make the whole experience even better.

  • Main page / deposit to L2

Hidden small checkbox text doesn’t make complete sense. I’d change it to Hide small assets or even better – Show hidden assets when assets are hidden and Hide small assets when assets are visible.

  • Deposit to L2 description textbox – move Expand down so that at least entire second row of text is visible or consider another option for instructions in general / platform-wide. I’d go with only Click to expand text visible and whole instructions / description hidden until clicked or remove textbox with description and adding an ‘‘I’’ icon that displays popup (tooltip) with info when clicked or mouse hover.

  • Be consistent when using L1/L2 vs l1/l2 vs long/shrot format (l1 vs layer 1) throughout the page. I’d personally go with short version with capital letter (i.e. L2).

  • Profile page: Self introduction sounds weird. I’d go with Short introduction or Introduction or something similar.

  • NFT mint page: Change …input NFT name to …enter NFT name

Change picture to image

Change Please input nft info to Please enter NFT details.

Disclaimer: I declare the NFT to be mintED is an original. I understand that plagiarism is strictly prohibited and the platform has the right to remove the NFT at any time once it is found to be plagiarized. (NFT to be minted not mint)

Mint confirmation – add OK / Close button besides View Transaction button.

Mint history – change View more to View on explorer

Add Close button (preferably to all popup notifications)

Sell NFT: Change Please view transaction to View on Exploreremphasized text or something similar.

Using Swap works seamlessly but I had some issues with L2 Trade: Add Liquidity option – transaction fee was 0.5848 ETH to add 1.5 USDT plus ETH equivalent?? Couldn’t go through with the transaction because I never received testnet ETH from faucet. I’ll give it another go on another test network later.

All in all, great work on the back end, with a few improvements on UI / UX side you’ll have a great product to compete with current major players. :slightly_smiling_face:


Added link to Twitter post: https://twitter.com/zen1251/status/1467447283121803264

#V3 Testnet Feedback#
I’ve found the Testnet topic on medium and after read all detail I decided trying test this project.
Fistly, about L2 wallet page:

  • I’m very impressive about the UI, they are very friendly and easy to use, easy to check personal information, they are very smooth and fast.

Secondly, about NFT feature:

  • NTF mall:
  1. I think this page need more filter tool to make users flexible to search what exactly they need
    example: search price by eth, sort by name, etc…
  2. After buy a NFT, it still display on the screen => I think this UI need update after process buy was finished.
  • NFT mint:
  1. It’s good enough but I think the sentence “I declare the NFT to be mint is an original…” is too small maybe we need make it bigger or change the color.

Finally, thank about your product to help the world. Hopefully in the future it can be even more successful for the team.

My L2 address: 0x226825354172f5e0f01b79621e0764fe2f1b11ed

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#V3 Testnet Feedback#

My L2 address tested the following 0x26bee71dbaf35b34ece76892b7a4bfc8a9cf6082

on Rinkeby

  1. Claim via faucet
  2. Deposit
  3. Mint NFT
  4. List NFT for Sale
  5. Buy NFT
  6. Swap
  7. Add liquidity

The following results:

  1. Faucet did not work so I had to use another one. It appears faucet was “pending” so I had to find a different Rinkeby faucet. This made testing difficult due to low amounts of ETH

  2. Deposit worked fine, fast and seamless interface

  3. Mint NFT feature worked quickly; easy to use and appeared to be fairly low fees to do this

  4. List NFT for sale also worked well however I want to suggest a feature that you can change the price after you post it for sale. Is that possible?

  5. Buying an NFT worked easily except b/c of low ETH balance in TestNet, difficult to buy most NFT.

  6. Swap worked fine except the valuations are way off, so it makes the testing feel like its wrong.

  7. Add liquidity failed - I tried to add ZKS and ETH and I had the fees set to ZKS. No matter what combinations I tried, this failed. I had the right amount of ZKS to pay the fees. The error message appeared in Chinese/Japanese characters? Hard to tell - it just ‘failed’ with no warning. This needs fixed.

  8. I tried to send ETH and ZKS to another L2 address. This also failed with a warning in Chinese/Japanese(?) so I am confused what went wrong.

5.1 Feedback for buy NFT:

  • Need way to filter NFTs - especially by price or some tag feature

#V3 Testnet Feedback#

I’m already done with the testnet I can’t get any of the faucet because faucets offline I had an extra eth testnet before and I used it , also I’m trying to swap and also add/remove liquidity though it has nothing in the tutorial… and about minting nft it’s really easy to follow the tutorial…it’s really easy though eth fee are really expensive :joy::joy::joy: but I uny nothing’s new in eth chain​:joy::joy: the only prob I encountered was connecting my wallet makes slow maybe my net​:joy::joy:lol :joy:. Thanks a lot for the chance to be in your testnet…


That’s my add I used for test​:heart::heart: thanks and congrats to the project more success in the near future​:heart::heart:

Its possible that I may be doing things wrong. But I would like to point out this. The tokens I requested from paradigm was not received in the Rinkeby Test Network, but I received them in the Goerli and Kovan Test Networks. I don’t know if its supposed to work that way or not. Again when I tested the ZKswap faucet, the transaction shows that it is pending for a long time. I tested the faucet yesterday and the tokens have not arrived yet.
Please provide instructions if I’m doing anything wrong
0xa5E4D369ccBb227250163e41C4CEA4EFF584DE33 is the address I used

Tested the testnet again. It’s working with zero problems. It’s seamless, swift and smooth. No glitches. This is easy.

How i get etj and zks test net

#V3 Testnet Feedback#

The user experience worked well, besides 1 issue that I experienced.

I was able to:

  1. claim funds from the faucet
  2. deposit
  3. transfer funds,
  4. use the DEX
  5. mint an NFT
  6. add liquidity

The only thing that failed was when I tried to withdraw back to the L1.
Trying 2nd withdrawl to L1, taking sometime to confirm.


My L2 address : 0xae7ac0e9ecd7cd6f21d13dbb0327c4f45166db15