#ZKSwap #Rebranding advice

Good day ZKSwap,

This is my suggestion about a new name for zkswap, Because ZKSwap V3 will have alot feature such as NFT,Swap, and payment.
So i suggest a new name for ZKSwap,
The new name is #Integer , yes you heard me i suggest name “Integer” as new name for ZKSwap.
Why? Because INTEGER is one of term in mathematic world that have meaning “whole” or “intact” ( Integer - Wikipedia ) because the Integer will reprensent all the feature the V3 have as ONE entity under the name Integer.
And also Integer is often used the “Zahlen Symbol” to denote all the set integers, ye you heard me right the “Zahlen Symbol” is writen in letter “Z” which is a good pairs for the $ZKS token and will the zkswap old logo.

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The Zehlen Symbol


ZKSwap Logo