#ZKSwap #Rebranding Build in the Future

The increasing number of application and user on Ethereum definitely increases the load on the network while,so far,the capacity of the Ethereum network still limited.The innovation technology in #ZKSwap is an amazing achievement that I’ve ever met.

My advice on #ZKSwap Rebranding.

  • NFT Features

The growing popularity of NFT s can be benefit opportunity for anyone,because of its wide scope and ecosystem,digital collectibles,art,music,gamification etc.

forward to future development,

Offering Metaverse (Virtual World) #ZKMeta for rebranding.
The presence of the metaverse concept will support the growing interest in NFT and communities.
NFTs will be part of the metaverse.

I’m proud of ZKSwap Team that has integrated the protocol based ZKBox in ZKSwap V3 .User can mint,tranfer,trade for NFTs on Layer-2,Zero gas fee,efficiency and secure level.
hopefully in the future,augmented (AR) support will be added,game items,intellectual property,patents,commodities and many more.

  • Layer-2 based payment

Connect with more patners
Cross-chain based on Layer-2
reduce costs when integrating Layer-1 to Layer-2,vice versa.

  • DEX

Adding Info,Analytics,and Charts
Adding Cross-chain Bridge
Adding Initial Project/Pool Offering
Community Voting Proposals

that’s a bit of advice from me,
keep innovating,Collaborating,And Branding.
Cheers :grinning: