#ZKSwap #Rebranding combining features from other exchanges and some other marketing aspects

While ZKSwap is a fitting and technically accurate name, it does not really stick in mind and is a bit too technical. A more clear name would be helpful. Something that reflects the speed, the low fees with Layer 2. I’m proposing some ideas:

  • ZeroSwap (taken by other project)
  • NextDex (free)
  • EvoSwap (free)

Or something that just sparks curiousity: Orbit, Zorbit, Metaswap - it fits the current logo and also makes it clear it’s something up there in the sky and next level.

Additionnally, a burning mechanism similar to what pancake does would be interesting, where the burn can be influenced by the team (e.g. lottery).

And a bridge between other blockchains for more liquidity would be sensible. ETH and BSC are good, but not enough. From what I see, the multichain narrative is an important one, that needs more marketing focus (e.g. with a bridge).

Most importantly though: the project needs (d)ex listings. Right now zks is only listed on very small exchanges. The team needs to explore this way of marketing to customers much more. More exchange listings also mean a huge number of adoption and traffic coming in.

Cheers and good luck to the team!

My address: 0xde340278aafd8a3bcc5b08749aa683f394f1a9f4