#ZKSwap Rebranding# My ZKS renaming and development suggestions

I’m glad that the project team has the idea of renaming, rebrand zkswap to cover layer 2-based payment, DEX, and NFT features, and listen to our suggestions for future development.

I know that the team has developed many products in the past year, and we are also looking forward to the arrival of zkswap V3 to experience the magic of NFT.

The team wants to change the name, which is exactly what I want, because our name is often compared with zksync, which will have a certain impact on our development.

I believe we zkswap must be better than them.

1.My suggestion for renaming zkswap is “Niva”, which means “Nirvana”. I think that under the current situation, our project needs a chance of Nirvana rebirth

After nirvana to a higher peak. LRC has reached a higher peak, and we can learn from them. Give everyone confidence.

2.Future planning of the project

First of all, I hope the project team can release zkswap V3 as soon as possible and attract users to hold ZKS through NFT.

Then, I hope the project team can be listed in binance. I believe it will be very helpful to us.

Finally, launch more new activities, such as air drop and mobile mining.

I believe the project will reach the peak like IRC.

This is my design. I hope the team can adopt it!!