#ZKSwap #rebranding nice for new name for zks

a good name for zks…a name that can attract users. An object that can attract something might be a name (magnet) which is the right name to attract many users, as we all know, this is the philosophy of magnetism…First Philosophy. A magnet is a strong object, which can attract other objects with the element of iron to stick to them. Well, make ourselves like a magnet, have a strong aura, which can melt the hearts of those we love so that we can get him, clinging to our hearts, even though he is a hard-hearted person, but with the power of our love and attention, surely we will get him. Second Philosophy. Two magnets will always repel if the same poles are brought close to each other. But they will attract each other once the different poles are brought close. That is, a difference in a relationship should never be used as a stumbling block or obstacle. Make it a strength to unite, complement each other. If one is angry, the other is ready to soften. If one cries, one is ready to comfort. If one is silent, the other is ready to speak. If both do the same thing, it is guaranteed that everything will never come together. Third Philosophy. Magnets can be formed by the flow of electricity. As a person, we should be able to receive good input from the outside, from friends, family, or even people we don’t know well. All of that can shape us into a strong person. We can use good, strengthening, and soothing inputs as a guide in life to understand our life partner so that he or she is never separated from our lives. Fourth Philosophy. A magnet has a magnetic field. This magnetic field is invisible, but can be felt. Likewise with love and affection. Both are intangible, but can be felt by those we love and care about. We make it happen with words and attention. Even with just a glance, a person can express love to a loved one. Simple right? Life is actually easy. We make it complicated. Many people are busy looking for happiness. After all, happiness is what we create. If we don’t create, how can we find that happiness? Good luck