#ZKSwap Rebranding#take off

I have been an ardent supporter of ZKswap since the beginning. I am very excited about the upcoming V3. My thoughts on brand rebranding are as follows:
1 brand
Rebranding is always tricky because it takes a long time and an intensive marketing effort to get users used to a new name. However, I know ZKswap is going down this road because ZKswap is a fairly technical term that many “normal” users won’t be able to relate to. In addition, many people confuse ZKswap with the similarly named ZKsync. So while rebranding is risky, I think it’s the right way forward.
2 Reason/consider
While the inclusion of ZK makes sense from a technical point of view, I feel that in the long run, names that are easy to remember will be more successful. Arbitrum, Optimism or Metis are in a leading position in this respect. In addition, ZKswap is evolving from a simple exchange to a more coherent ecosystem that includes. NFT, so the name also needs to evolve. Finally, ZKswap already exists on ETH and BSC, so the name should include this as well.
3 Naming Suggestions
With that in mind, my suggestion is to cross and swap