#ZKSwap Rebranding# The moment has come for fresh changes

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Hello everyone :v: I was glad to learn that #zkswap want to #rebranding and want to listen to the opinion of their community. Community members and forum participants have been in the topic for a long time and can advise sensible thoughts. Rebranding is a serious step.

The brand that I want to offer allows you to form the necessary perception. He is a carrier of information about a certain lifestyle, this brand allows the consumer to feel that using the service, he is approaching some ideal image. The brand will become the hallmark of the company and its services. With its help, an image of the service will be created that attracts the consumer.

So, I want to introduce you a new name for ZKSwap: AIO (All In One)

AIO implies the concentration of all financial opportunities in the crypt in one place - new generation DeFi, layer 2-based payment, DEX, and NFT infrastructure. Everything you need in one place. The most accessible simple design, all unnecessary - down with it! This is not a cluttered second-rate farm and exchangers, this is a high-level project focused not on a small bunch of geeks, but on a huge circle of consumers! A serious TOP-level project!

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