#ZKSwap #Rebranding ___ ZKSystem

Good evening to all ZKSwap participants, especially glad to see everyone who is online on the forum now
If ZKSwap is conducting a campaign to rebrand the project, then, apparently, the current name is losing its relevance. The new name should correspond to the new version - ZKSwap V3, and include the use of NFT purchases and transfers.
But it is important to keep the name of the token “ZKS”. And it is especially important to keep the “ZK" part, which immediately makes it clear about the connection of the project with zkrollups and Layer 2, because even Vitalik Buterin declared a bright future for Layer 2! And this is a significant advantage that we should not lose in any case, because this is the key to getting a lot of attention and trust.

Solar System

I decided that the name should be logical (correspond to the new version), not too complicated, easy to use and memorable. And my choice is ZKSystem.
As you know, the system is a group of any interacting or interrelated elements that act, forming a single whole. The term “System” comes from the Latin word Systēma, and this word, in turn, from the Greek (σσστημα) Systēma: “the whole concept of several parts or members of the system.”

City System

I really hope that my option will be chosen in the end. Thank you for another opportunity to participate in the development of the project. Although this participation in this case is not so significant, but it at least allows the community to get closer to the development team and feel part of more. I see more and more often how the ZKSwap team is building bridges between the community and the team more and more diligently, this is very important to maintain a high level of trust, these works will definitely affect the success of the project.

System View

Thank you for reading