#ZKSwap V3 #NFT - My hot NFT review (my own experience and vision for the future)

I just recently started to understand the peculiarities of the functioning of NFT tokens and found out a lot of interesting things for myself.
A very important question is the place for storing tokens. Writing graphics code on a blockchain is a very expensive and complex endeavor. Therefore, it is more reasonable to apply the on-chain model or сonditional storage on the blockchain.

It is also very reliable, but nevertheless it imposes some restrictions on the nature of the work, the method. The key information of the art is stored on the blockchain, according to which the original media can be easily recreated. We can call such information - the DNA of a token.

Among the projects that have conventional storage on the blockchain:

  1. CryptoKitties - no introduction needed.

  2. Avastars from the well-known NFT get-together team NFT42, which worked with Pranksy on NFTBoxes, for example.

    1. Also I can be called OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare.

Among the projects that are interesting to me for creating NFT - Artblocks.io is a platform for artists who, together with the platform team, can create small algorithmically generated images, which can be correspondingly described vectorially, and these vectors are stored on the blockchain.

I believe ZKSwap will get a new lease of life when it launches V3, which includes the NFT platform.
Now many users will have an excellent opportunity to store their tokens, create them, and most importantly - make a profit through trading.