#ZKSwap V3 #NFT Powerful v3

  1. The big problem with NTF in the Ethereum network right now is the huge commissions, last time I used NTF it cost $100 to create it and sell it for $100 per transaction, too much, I’m tired of the commissions. I don’t want to use Ethereum anymore and I’ll be migrating to your Tier 2 platform to save a lot of money. I want everyone on version 3 to easily use NFT to create, buy, and sell it.

  2. For those who use NFT, the future is history.
    How NFT works is not that complicated, as long as you keep studying it, you will understand.
    The public’s problems with NFT will surely be properly addressed.
    Hopefully this Layer2-based NFT feature will be available soon.
    3.I have my own NFT that I want to show off and hope it will be of interest to you. Check it out. When V3 starts, I will be happy to release my work

  3. Create a signature piece that looks unique and worth auctioning off.
    ① Understand the market so that major material losses can be avoided later.
    ② Also know what to offer and what to get in this market, so that you don’t feel confused when trading.
    ③ Instead of using emergency funds or savings, use cold money so you can avoid financial problems.

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