#ZKSwap V3 #NFT - The uniqueness of NFT - the advantages of this function

What makes NFT unique?

By definition, each NFT token is a unique token on the blockchain that cannot be replaced with anything else. However, it can be a single copy, and as a collectible card, which has at least several hundred identical copies.
Why are some people willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for what looks like nothing more than a collectible card?
This is partly the advantage of NFT. Some people see them as the future of art collecting (read: a toy for the rich), some refer to them as Pokemon cards (which are available to ordinary people, but also interesting to the rich). And since we remembered Pokémon, video blogger Logan Powl recently sold several millions of dollars worth of NFT tokens.

I’m sure some are really hoping for it - for example, the people who shelled out almost $ 390,000 for the 50-second Grimes video or $ 6.6 million for the artist Beeple’s video.

I think that ZKSwap will have on board everything necessary for users not only to make good money, but also to develop their skills in drawing and creating graphic objects.