#ZKSwap V3 #NFT voice2

The submitter will contact the certificate server, receive the relevant certificate, and then send the status and certificate to the ZKSwap smart contract.
In this case, I think “Wobble” is a good renaming. Swing stations move from side to side for movement. Zkswap has entered a new era. They will provide users with more features
On-chain smart contracts: On-chain smart contracts are used to store tokens deposited by the user while constantly updating layer 2 status and proofs. These smart contracts are the connectors between off and on the chain.
Off-chain ZKSwap server: The job of the ZKSwap server is to process all transactions off the chain. The process goes like this:
Each transaction request will be placed into the ZKSwap memory pool.
Swap Engine will then execute the transaction. The transaction type is the same as that of Uniswap.
Block Proposer rolls up a transaction and creates a new Block.
The State Keeper updates the State on layer 2 and transfers it to Commiter.

However, because ZKSwap implements zkRollup technology, its system consists of four components: on-chain smart contract, off-chain ZKSwap server, zero-knowledge proof system and front-end user interface.