ZKSwap #V3 Testnet Feedback#

#V3 Testnet Feedback# ZKSwap I´ve been trying this new project in recent days and my experience has been amazing because the platform is easy to use, intuitive, quickly transactions. I made a deposit and I minted a NFT from a picture that is picture of me. Web 3.0 needs this kind of projects because they are building a scalable ecosystem. A very special fact is that the community is excited for the coming skills, I see daily in Twitter people who talks about this platform. For example, many of my friends follows the Twitter Account and many other important persons and exchanges. I´m happy right now because in my point of view I´m seeing a project with hight quality. Total Value Locked is absolutely an amazing quantity, later in the day I will download the mobile app because I want to try everything and well… I´m excited because of the NFT Market Place. This year the growth of NFT´s is incredibly savage and obviously ZKSwap is part of this. Fortunately I´m part of the beginning of a new era in the Internet. Blockchain connectivity is inevitable, this is happening right now. I´m expecting in Layer 2 a great quality experience for beginners and for people who have been in Crypto World for many years in their life. For sure ZK rollups are the best technology for Layer 2. People in my country needs to know about ZKSwap for the reason that they could change their lifes using this platfom and in general using Crypto and Blockchain, the future is gonna be incredible. In Mexico we already have heard about Crypto but in the other hand we are still early, and for get adoption ZKSwap will be very helpful for this goal. Crypto World has change completely my life and my family and friends are part of this, we have hope to get a better world to live. Thank You. I´m Raul.